Monday, September 17, 2012

IMAZ training Week 8

Swim week…6 swims for the week and not a lot of much else, basically I was in the pool every day this week except Thursday! Total yardage 16,200, that’s 9.2 miles! Needless to say that’s my biggest swim week ever, the main highlight was a 4300 yard swim Saturday. That’s actually 76 yards longer than an Ironman swim. Assuming you swim it in perfect straight lines it’s 4224 yards, likelihood of the that on race day…slim to none. I had no real expectation of how to execute this so I swam at a steady pace that I thought would let me finish it, albeit with rest intervals every 1000 yards. I had some cramping issues at the end but other than that it was completed within the race cut off time of 2:20 and without the intervals and a wetsuit I should be able to bring that under 2 hours…I am never really going to be a fast swimmer but I’ll be a finished swimmer! This week’s total really reflect the time in the pool and little time doing anything else.


Sunday was scheduled to be a self supported reverse Tri and as my training is all time based it was going to be pretty close to an Olympic distance:

  • 60 min run
  • 90 min ride
  • 30 min swim

I left it a bit late in the day to get out so I was out in the midday sun and a bit more but it was not that much of a problem, distance wise it translated into

  • 7.4 mile run
  • 26 mile ride
  • 1300yd swim

So the weekly progress has a step back in overall duration as you can see in the graph below.


Essentially I am half way through the plan, 8 weeks completed and 9 weeks to go. Just for shits and giggles here are the totals for the last 8 weeks. Something tells me even with the taper this is not half way in time or distance we’ll just have to wait and see!


FWIW 36.12 miles is 63,575 yards and 5924 minutes is 36 minutes shy of 100 hours.

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