Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Desert Triathlon International Distance

It was one year ago this weekend (now 10 days ago) that I finished my first triathlon, ironically I started weak and finished strong, I say ironically as this time around it was a complete reverse.
As mentioned in my last post I managed to pick up some stomach bug. I first noticed at 1am Sunday morning on race day, when I woke feeling hot and nauseous, I put it down to race nerves, drank some water, turned on the AC and went back to bed. The next morning I felt ok, not great but ok. I couldn’t face any food and so I sipped on some water, I couldn’t even face coffee…now that’s a warning sign! The room was hot, I was in Palm Desert which even in March was warm. I went outside and at 6am it was a little cooler than the room and I felt better. A short drive to the race site and after the usual shenanigans of parking and setting up the bike etc I was set. I managed to sip some coffee and my stomach felt settled. I got into my wetsuit and into the water, it was cold but I had made the practice swim the day before and I knew what to expect and so I got wet and cold, especially in my ears and up my nose and water down the back so as to not get a shock. My wave was one of the last to go, so I lined up and with a whoop was in the water.
I had a target of 35-40 minutes for the swim, my sighting was pretty bad and I kept veering off to the right, eventually I could sight on some rocks and that kept me fairly straight. 32:54 minutes later I got out of the water…I was shocked and very happy, with better sighting I could have made sub 30 minutes, I am never going to be fast be was really pleased with the result. I was 52/61
A solid and steady Transition and I was on the bike. The bike course is a bit rough to start but then it’s pancake flat, I was feeling good through to about mile 18 and then my stomach started going south and my speed with it. I still hadn’t eaten anything and was drinking High-5 electrolyte fluids. I hit the 20 mile mark in just over the hour but slowed to finish the bike in 1:15:15 moving up to 45/61, had I maintained my 20mph I would have finished around 35/61 but it was not to be.
Another unremarkable Transition and I was on the run. Two loops around the lake, the first mile was fine the second a bit slower, by mile three I was throwing in walk breaks, I passed the first loop and felt terrible. To cut a long story short I walked the entire second loop with the exception of the last 100 yards. 6 miles took me 1:21:42…just to remind you my 10k PR is 43:04 on a bad day I can average 50 minutes! I was last in my AG. Overall for the race 59/61 in 3:17:18
I crossed the finish line and collapsed in some shade which was unfortunately by the podium and they wanted to get on with the awards so I crawled off to find some more shade and was basically rescued by TriBeccaTO who sat me down by a tree and took care of me, packing me up and driving me home.
The next three days were spent at home. I lost 8lbs in total although that’s creeping back on!
Despite my thoughts to and some encouragement to quit I am glad I finished, it was a case of mind over matter. I just goes to show that you can drag your sorry self along just for a piece of metal!

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  1. wow, gutsy. You'll always remember finishing this one when the going gets tough.


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