Friday, March 15, 2013

Review; SBR Foggle

It’s always a pleasure to write a review about something that is simple and works and this is one of those occasions! I was very kindly sent some samples of SBR Foggle from a long-time online friend, Robin from Gotta Run who got a bunch from her sponsorship on the Rev3 Team this year.

From their website;

Another innovative and exceptional brand brought to you by SBR Sports, Inc. FOGGLE is the only anti-fog towelette that not only defogs, BUT CLEANS the lens at the same time! Tested by numerous athletes, FOGGLE is perfect for swim , snowboarding, and skiing goggles, cycling and running lens, scuba and ski masks! Simply wipe a thin film of FOGGLE onto the inside and outside of the surface then let dry. Three seconds later the FOGGLE solution disappears and you are left with crystal clear vision that will not fog up under the most extreme conditions. Recommendation…reuse the FOGGLE wipe multiple times by keeping it airtight. FOGGLE effectively de-fogs swim goggles, scuba, snowboard and skiing masks, running and cycling lens. Cleans the lens at the same time as defogging. Keeping the wipe airtight, user can yield approximately 5 – 6 applications. Available in individual wipes, a pack of 6, or box of 48.”

Since refining my goggles down to the more svelte Aqua-Sphere-Kayenne last year I did notice that they seemed to mist up around the 1000 yard mark, no matter whether I was in the pool or in open water, although in open water it’s a bit better. In the pool it’s not a drama as with the natural rest periods in a swim set I had time to wipe them, this is obviously not so easy in open water.


So this week I cracked open the first pack and wiped the inside of the lenses. Monday’s swim was short only 1200 yards but I had no issue, Wednesday’s set went far beyond that and the usual 1000 yard misting, in fact it was a good 75 minutes in the pool for 2800 yards and I didn’t not have to wipe with my fingers once. I wiped them with the Foggle before I started and that was it, no problem, no misting, nothing. As suggested I tucked the opened one into a ZipLoc bag Monday and it was perfectly moist the second time around, SBR the manufacturers suggest that by doing this it is good for 6-8 uses, I guess that depends on how often you swim as well, once a week they may not last that long, three times a week very likely.

So like I said at the beginning a simple product that works is always one of my favorites!

You can buy them in a box of 48 for $27 on Amazon or a pack of 6 from SBR direct for $7, it’s a little bit more on Amazon for the box of 6.

A big thanks to Robin for dipping into her stash for me!

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