Tuesday, March 12, 2013

IMSG training Week 7, 8, 9…

Let’s do a quick recap of the missing weeks of IMSG Training; Week 7 Came down with Flu, managed to run, walk and crawl my way through the week! Week 8 Decided to stop training, take 10 days off to clear up the Bronchitis from January and the Flu from February. Week 9 Half a week’s training over the second half of the week, I limped (literally with a niggle in my hip) along as I stopped to cough up my lungs when I ran, I avoided the pool and could feel the fitness start to drain out of me. Week 10 I had an Olympic work up race on the Sunday at the Desert Tri, I picked up a stomach bug that reduced my 10k run to a walk and had me spending Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at home…but hey I am only one stomach flu from my ideal weight…I lost 8lbs! Week 11 Mostly spent recovering from the Stomach bug. Week 12 (this week) I thought long and hard about St George, which is 8 weeks away, decided to call it and cancelled the hotel reservation…no St George for me. It wasn’t that hard a decision, I’ll spare you all the justification and rationale, if it’s its good by me it should be good by you right! So what’s next, I have a Olympic Tri in June and then that’s it maybe, probably for the year. I have spent the last 5 years racing and when not injured have been on a training plan targeting something. Added to which in a month’s time I am closing on a house and moving so that’s going to take up some time too. I am not moving far and staying local but it does open up some new trails that I have never seen before. I checked the local-est trail last night with TribeccaTO, we didn’t get far due to the failing light but the first mile or so was a bit challenging…1000’ feet of gain, but it looks like we can connect through to some more familiar ones and make a nice loop or out and back. I am also going back to my roots some and one thing that I am looking forward to spending the summer having some fun back on trails on one of these, I mountain biked for years in the UK and did for several more when I moved to the US, I even raced once or twice…yes there will be some Go Pro footage!image

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