Sunday, February 2, 2014

A Family affair!

With the Tour of Sufferlandria completed on Saturday, Sunday was wide open as to what to do so going for a bike ride seemed like a wise choice. Actually I was the only one on the bike but it turned into a real family affair. TriBeccaTO (henceforth known simply as Becca) decided that she wanted to run the trails as she is training for The Great Race of Agoura a trail HM in March so we decided to take my Mountain Bike, her trail shoes and for good measure Cali our new dog. The plan was to run a loop around Chesebro which would cover most of the trail section of the race

We set off without incident but Cali decided that she had to keep up with me which meant that Becca ended the 9 mile run with one arm longer than the other from all the pulling. It was an experiment to see how she would do with the bike and a runner and it’s not one we will be repeating!

We did however stop and get some great photos!

image image image

Monday is a day off and then I start training for my Sufferlandrian Knighthood!


  1. What a perfect dog Cali is for your family! Parker will not run more than 3 miles, and his main objective is to get back home (although his primary objective is to not even get out of bed).

  2. Yay, I have a new name, and I am a label!!! <3 U


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