Monday, July 18, 2016

I came across on FaceBook. The premise is easy, you connect it to your Strava account and then it connects through their API to your activities. Currently only cycling is supported and they can only process new activities, that awesome epic ride from last summer, sorry not yet!

Once you have uploaded your ride to Strava you receive an email with a link to a short video that you can share on social media or a file you can download. The video is an aerial view of your activity. If you downloaded the file you can upload it elsewhere, I used You Tube! Email timing is a bit hit and miss depending on when you finish the activity. During the week from a morning activity it’s usually hours, finish you ride late on a weekend day it can be overnight. It does pull the standardized naming convention that Strava adds; “Morning Ride” Lunch Ride” and so on. I name all my rides so I have make sure to do that asap…but that’s just me! It also pulls a couple of key metrics along the way; Max HR, highest elevation and top speed.

One thing to note is that if you have a Privacy Zone around your home or work locations it will not include that so it can look like you start and stop at different places.

Below is the file that went with Sunday’s long ride. You can really see some of the switchbacks that I rode up.

At the moment it’s free and free is always good!

Check it out and give them a shout on Social Media!

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  1. Hi, what a great app. I can't seem to work out how to download the videos so I can upload elsewhere... help! Thanks.


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