Friday, July 29, 2016

What’s in your European Posterior Man-Satchel?

If you have read The Rules you will know that European Posterior Man-Satchels are strictly forbidden, ref Rule #28. Well to that I say Balls! While I am happy to stuff numerous items in my jersey pockets the convenience of a saddle bag is immense.

So with that said, I present you the contents and options of mine!


I recently switched over to a Topeak Wedge Pack 2, I picked it up the Sports Chalet fire sale and I have been very impressed. The rail mounted click system is very easy to use and it allows you to just slide it onto the mount and forget it. It also has a more elegant look than others that have straps the wrap around the seat post.


Additionally you can buy the mount separately and then move you bag from bike to bike without having to buy more bags! It also comes with a yellow waterproof case, not something I need in Southern California but worth mentioning.

So onto the purpose of the post. The contents. Realistically you should carry the basics that can get you back on the road. For most people that’s a spare tube. I actually carry two. Want to know why, just ask Norman Stadler!

So two tubes it is then! Onwards. Next is the humble Tire Lever! First thing never ever buy non folding tires. Steel Beading is a pain in the backside. Folding tires are much easier to fit and you only need one lever, sometimes you can even do it with your fingers. Personally I like Pedro’s; they big and do not break, bright yellow so you can see them when you put them down and well-made without sharp edges to rough up your wheels or slit you new tube!

Next CO2, yes there is two of them too (damn I nearly used all types of “to”) and of course the head that you fit onto the valve, personally I have a Genuine Innovations Air Chuck Elite. I like it as it a pseudo on/off and you can see when it is doing something. Also it is tiny! I tape my cartridges together to give me a pretend handle and it works pretty well.

Mini Tool, my mini tool is mini, it has 6 allen keys, that’s it, I have had to use this tool twice and once was helping Becca lower her seat.. If I break a chain, which I have done, I have one quick link.

Now as everyone knows you always get flats on the back wheel and that’s the dirty end of the bike! So to avoid ruining gloves or my kit in general. So to avoid that I carry tow pairs of latex gloves, one per tube!

Finally cash, cos you know, coke!

These are the basics that travel with my bike wherever it goes! As you can see everything is wrapped or taped together, this is to stop any rattling.

Now I do stuff my jersey with a couple of other items. I have a Skratch aLokSak for my phone. I also throw in an Anker lipstick charger and micro Lightening cable, it’s 6” long. My ANT+ dongle, plugged into my phone. Headphones and Ibuprofen, and more cash.

I also have a mini pump. It’s made by Lyzene, the model is now discontinued but you get the idea. I haven’t used it much but when I have needed it it’s been great, this goes in my jersey pocket. For longer rides I also have a Lyzene Caddy Sack-M, inside this I have a third inner tube and CO2 and extra gloves. It’s neat and tidy and fits in a jersey pocket without any issues.

So like any Boy Scout I am pretty well prepared, are you?

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