Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Clipped Wings!

New Year New Shoes; one of several pairs. My Salomon XT Wings bit the bullet, they had their last run on the first of the year and handed the mantel over to another pair of XT Wings, after all the effort I went through trying trail shoes I am loathed to go through that again and well call me a creature of habit. However this gave me an excellent opportunity to review the damage of 330-350 miles, I’ve yet to do the final math and my log is on another pc. Anyway if you ever needed a reason to switch out your shoes here is one, well several actually, click on the photos to enlarge. You can read my initial review here and my 150 mile review here.

By way of quick post mortem review the pros and cons of them:

• Comfort; right out of the box, 14 miles last Sunday no problem
• Weight; not super light but not super heavy…kinda perfect I guess!
• Color; c’mon they’re orange, but also available in red and green and (yawn) black!

• Breathability; this is actually really good but it lets the dust in
• Cost: $120 give or take
• Replacing a broken lace is a royal pain!

If you fancy winning a pair try the Challenge here, gotta be in it to win it!

Overall the soles are compressed; that's reduced cushioning folks!

Check out the compressed sole where the words are!

Down at that heel!

Can you say squished!


  1. Looks like they handled exceptionally well. It's great info. Thanks for posting this.

  2. yay for new shoes! you got some serious use out of the old ones!

  3. I think you deserve a life time supply of the wings! :)

    It's fun to see how much abuse you've put those babies through :)

  4. How are the Salomon's on protecting the bottom of your feet against rocks?

  5. That's incredible, to see the difference in a new and (seriously) used pair of those. I'm just starting on a pair myself; hope I can put them through half as much fun as you did...

  6. Nick, no there is no sole plate, I've dinged myself a couple of times but on the whole they've held up pretty well. The plate would add a fair bit of weight.


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