Friday, January 9, 2009

Review: ProWash Activewear Detergent

So the good folks at ProWash contacted me before Christmas about reviewing their laundry detergent specifically designed for sportswear and of course I said yes.

Here’s the pitch:

ProWash is a residue-free detergent designed to safely remove embedded sweat, odors and soap residue. Most detergents mask odors by leaving a layer of soap residue on your clothes. This soap residue is only a temporary mask which is why odors later return. ProWash cleans and rinses thoroughly and in the process, restores the fabric wicking. Your clothing is fresh, clean and looks like new!

Here’s the reality:

Three loads of stinking sports duds accumulated from a 14 mile trail run, an 8 mile road run and a sweaty hour on the bike trainer collected over four days. One measure of detergent, cold wash. A hour and a bit later I was pulling them out of the dryer (apart from my air dry only socks and CW-X tights). The washing results faired well, a gentle scent of, well, clean laundry. So far so good. The real appeal was the claim to restore the wicking ability of fabrics as I notice that after a while even the newest of shirts sometimes fails in this task, you know this is happening when you end up wetter than the shirt, and it’s not like I am a real sweaty betty per se. Anyway another two runs later in my ProWashed duds and I have to say I am impressed, while the recent cold snap has had me layering up at the end of each run I seem to have been ending up a bit damp and cold even while wearing copious amounts of Dri-Fit and the like and both times post ProWash I have been noticeably dryer.

When compared to our regular detergent; Woolite and having used Win for my running/biking clothes in the past I would say the ProWash certainly has the edge in laundry performance.

The detergent is a 2X concentrate and therefore it is more environmentally sensitive than most; less packaging etc and while it’s not the cheapest; 3 x 24oz for $22.64 vs Win 4 x 21oz for $18.99 on Amazon, (you can buy singles via and it’s also available at Walmart), personally I would sooner spend a little more on something that works. Get a coupon on their home page.

Will it make you run faster, alas no but it may make the smell of defeat or at least de-socks a little more bearable!


  1. haha. They contacted me too ... still haven't gotten my detergent to try out though!

  2. WIN detergent is horrible stuff.
    The only product I continually use with success is Penguin Wash.

    I am always willing to try new stuff, so I think I'll give it a try.
    I'm washing my gear at least every other day.
    I sweat while watching TV so, I hope it works.

  3. Hey ProWash people, mrjwhit is a stinky, funky, runner crossfitter that needs to do an experiment.

    I've heard a lot of good stuff about this product.I am about to make an order, if they don't send me a trial sample first. Hint, hint.

  4. hi...not to appear holier than though in the laundry department, but i've heard drying is bad for wicking stuff so i air-dry all wicking stuff from shirts, to running shorts, to sports bras. i find that the wicking is never affected even after years. (the biggest problem is the shirts starts to reek after a while.) and i concur with the poster who said WIN is totally not effective.

  5. Thanks for the review...I still have some stinky clothes that smell clean but then once I sweat it comes back instantly.

  6. Marcy reviewed this product about a week ago andher comments were similar: Worked well, more environmentally friendly package, but not very cost-efficient. Interesting that your two takes were so similar, must mean that those are solid reviews of the product!

  7. Restoring the wicking is something I didn't know about-- that alone makes the price sound well worth it. Better than having to buy new shirts!

  8. I will check this product out for sure. As much as the training gear cost it will be worth the money spent to wash it in a safer more effective detergent.

    BTW - did you notice what was on my wrist during the pull up challange photos I posted a few post ago. I wear it ALL THE TIME :)

  9. Ooohh I didn't realize they sold them individually on! I liked it too. Good stuff ;-)

  10. I need to do my review of Prowash, too! Hehe. But I like it so far. Better than anything I've used so far!

  11. Kara reviewed ProWash today, too, and her comments were very similar. I'm waiting for a free sample of Penguin Wash to review. I hope it is as good, but if not, I know what to buy!

  12. Cool, thanks for the write-up. Always good to have options, especially as spring becomes summer and things start getting rank again.

  13. I'd be interested to know if any of your perforance athletes, or even the everyday runners have tried soap nuts.

    If you don't know what they are you can read all about them on my blog

    Soap nuts are environmentally friendly, completely natural, great for odors, and remove residue left behind by other detergents.

  14. Finally got around to buying ProWash and was really happy with wash results. We even used on bath towels and no more odor problems.


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