Thursday, January 15, 2009

The how for the what...

This is the how for the what.

I have only planned out as far as Leona Divide 50 on April 18th after that I'll take a month off and then start again for Angeles Crest 100 on May 3oth. It's very similar to the Twin Peaks plan but it just two weeks shorter, I was starting to go a bit stale towards the end so that's probably a good thing. Again there is a large portion of cycling; this I think really helped in keeping me injury free, not shown here is the weights that I be adding in, I need to work on my absolute strength and while I don't want to add a ton of muscle mass, having that extra strength will help with those long uphills. As always I am stretching pre and post run and I try to foam roll out the knots 2-3 times a week, an ounce of prevention etc. Also added into the mix will be swimming as a substitute when possible for weekday cycling in addition to the lessons I have over the next eight weekends. In case you wondering about the colors, I have 8 weeks of base building (purple), four weeks of speed work (green) and a weeks taper (tan), two week tapers drive me nuts and my weight tends to go up a little so 6-10 days is about my's been a trial and error learning curve.

I am still shifting Christmas puddin' so the goal is to get back to 165lb by mid March, that's a little over a pound a week, pretty doable I think.

For AC100 I need to complete a 50 mile race, as part of the qualifying criteria, within the preceding 12 months so finishing Leona Divide last April doesn't count, I have another bite of the cherry in August at Mt Disappointment if something goes wrong in April!

I emailed the Race Director yesterday about the need to have a qualifying 50 completed before I send in the entry and he replied saying as long as I had completed one by September 1st I would be in good shape, I have heard that the race is filling up pretty fast so tomorrow I'll be sending off my entry and the $225 entry fee, yes you read that right $225! Big bucks for a big race!

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Look out for the Feet-to-the-Fireometer in the sidebar, this worked really well in keeping me accountable and honest to the plan.

He we go again!


  1. That is quite a schedule, good luck with it.

  2. We need you to do an Ironman. That's what we need, a trail Ironman :-) First of its kind!!

  3. I too am hoping my cycling plan will help prepare me, and keep me injury free.
    Now, if we can dig out of this -30 degrees (with Wind Chill) I'll be set to ride a little.

  4. wow, great plan! it amazes me the distances you manage... happy weekend :)

  5. Thanks for sharing your plan-- I was curious to see how you train and frankly it's very, very intimidating!

  6. It was a shocked for me to see that Ironman races are on avg. $525 on up to $1800. I thought I would die. The Beach 2 Battleship Iron for me is $325. Now I feel like I am getting a deal!!

    I love how you share your plan with all of us. Really helps with the learning process in training.


  7. Wow. Feet to Firemeter. Funny.

  8. Thanks for sharing your plan. I'm nowhere near your league, but I like to see the speedwork and strength training that you're working

    That and the color-coded spreadsheet is pretty! :-))


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