Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Claret and the Blue

This is not a post about West Ham United Football Club! This is however a quick post about the, well Claret and Blue!

The Claret, if you saw this post you will have noticed I bought myself a new bike, a sexie fixie! The rational was to have something to ride with kids. They are almost off of training wheels (the youngest who is 4 has almost got it, but his stupid bike is also a fixie and he forgets to keep pedaling when going round corners and grinds to a halt!) I see a new bike for him coming real soon! I did not want to take $xxxx worth or carbon fiber to the park so I spent literally $250 and you know what happened on the the first ride it got scratched, kinda proved my thinking but inside of me a little piece really did die. I contacted the manufacturers to see if they sold touch up paint, they didn’t! So off to CVS I went and twenty minutes later I left with two bottles of nail varnish and taa daa one matched! If you need to know it’s #670 Violet Top Speed (who knew you could have fast nail varnish) by Revlon


The Blue, so on the back of my Tri bike is this elaborate hydration system, a frame is bolted to the seat rails, inside of it is a holder for C02 cartridges, outside of it is two water bottle cages. I had previously fitted it to the stock saddle that came with the bike and when I undid it I broke the seal on all the Loctite on the threads, this is the blue seal that stops you nuts from coming loose, something you do now want to have happen on a bike (or anywhere mind you!). I noticed that the frame had slipped down a lot after last weekend’s ride and when I checked all the nuts were loose! So thanks to Amazon Prime 48 hours later I have my tube of Henkel Loctite Blue 242 to recover the threads and make my nuts secure again…yes please feel free to comment away!

What colors work for you?


  1. I'm just here for the nail polish. Pretty color. I think it would wear really well during the holiday season... Oh wait, it that what you were looking for?

  2. You could have used the nail varnish as well instead of the loctite 242 to keep your nuts locked :D

  3. my bike is red black and white. Pretty easy colors to find! I've decided I will no longer carry bottles on the back of my bike! Just one in front and stop at the aid stations!

  4. Nail polish, the GREAT fixer of all things! Like Wes, I've never carried bottles on the back of my bike. I have two cages on the frame and a bottle mounted on my aerobars.


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