Friday, January 31, 2014

Quadrathon 3.0

Time for a change, the last time I updated my blog’s feel was Decembers 2011 when it morphed from Trail and Ultra Running to Triathlon and became Quadrathon 2.0. Needless to say a lot has changed and some things have stayed the same. Last year it was somewhat neglected, life, in a good way, got in the way, but things are settling down and I am excited to pick up writing again!

image 2007 Quadrathon 1.0

image 2009 Quadrathon 1.1 (now with pictures)

image 2011 Quadrathon 2.0 (now with pages)

And so for now it reflects somewhat of a lifestyle rather than a specific sport although it will of course continue to be a place where I dump all my nonsensical ramblings, reviews and reports (nice use of alliteration).

As always I hope that someone take a minute to read and maybe leave a comment or just think wow maybe I can run a 5k or finish a Sprint Tri?

And you are still wondering what the hell is “Quadrathon”, check out this post!

Finally a big thank you to Mattia and Steve for their inspiration and guidance in the creation of the new header!

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  1. I've got you in my RSS reader. I'm not sure when I started following. Since its RSS, I am more concerned with the content than the look and feel - don't always see those. Don't worry tho, I'm here and reading on my schedule - which is sometimes close to when you post, depending on how life has gotten in the way of my RSS time.
    Runner, cyclist. Only swimming with our kids, but I don't doubt I'll eventually mark triathlon off the life list.


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