Monday, January 27, 2014

Tour of Sufferlandria Day 4 (Hell Hath no Fury #HHNF)

And she didn’t…

It was touch and go whether this was going to happen. That 5:00am alarm came round really quick despite hitting the hay around 9pm the night before. If it hadn’t been for the Smoke Detector battery low beep emanating from one of the kids bedrooms, you know that “beep”, every 2 mins or so, loud enough to be heard, annoying enough not to be slept through. So after 10 minutes spent wrestling with a step ladder and locating a 9V battery the beep was resolved and I was fully awake! So it was rude not to get on the bike!

image On the way I bumped into this guy

imageI reviewed this particular ‘fest in December 2011 (wow time flies!) but as a reminder it is a 75 minute ride the meat of which is 2 x 20 minutes rolling hills and attacks followed by a 3:30 time trial.

Normally this is a fun and enjoyable ride but as the fourth ‘fest in a row and the sixth in seven days my legs were not happy. I mashed through the first 20 minutes and during the rest interval dialed back my FTP by 10% to at least get some training benefit rather than just hang on to the second half of the ride! Here is the GC data. It was a good decision and I while i had to work I was able to follow the prompts!

With the time trial complete finished I took the next off ramp and exited the Pain Cave…and fell off my bike!

image Riding this early means I get a fake rest day and the next time I look at my bike is Tuesday evening!

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