Thursday, January 23, 2014

Review; Ryders Strider Photochromic sunglasses

There is a general consensus within the cycling world that “White is Pro”, white shoes, white socks, white kit, helmet and so on, I have no idea why it’s not like the Pros don’t get dirty but it’s probably more that they just reach for a new one once it comes out the washing machine that faded gray color or once you can’t scrub the road crud off any more!

So while in Big Bear last year at the Tour De Big Bear I picked up a pair of Ryders Glasses, beyond being white and Pro, they fit really nicely, customizable nose pads (that open and close) and they were Photochromic, they get darker when it gets brighter!

These are all things that a normal review would test and say yup I love them and leave it at that. Now with my recent adventures I was actually able to test some of their other features.

As I direct result of my scientific research I can confirm the following claims;

image Now I posted the above picture and left a note on Ryders Facebook page thanking them, why? Well realistically their glasses saved my eyes! I have had no issues following the accident, my eyesight is no worse (or better…I wear reading glasses!) but more importantly on the day I had no grit or dust in my eyes in fact when I wandered into the ER they were still firmly on my head throughout most of the treatments and only came off when I had a CT Scan! In fact a lot of the Doctors were openly surprised that they hadn’t disintegrated…like my face!

So you would think that was the Happy Ending but there is more…the awesome folks at Ryders reached out and offered to send me a replacement pair…which they did!

imageSo if you’re in the market for some new glasses check out their great line up and follow them on Facebook or Twitter

These glasses were purchased by me and then replaced free of charge by the good folks at Ryders Eyewear. See previous gear reviews in the tab above. If you have a product you’d like reviewed, contact me at although I cannot commit to a repeat of any of the above!

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