Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The Road to Recovery...Pt 2 (It starts with straight feet!)

After getting stuck in traffic, more so than usual for LA, I got to see Dr Bob Baravarian who put me through my paces (excuse the pun), his conclusions:

1. Super tight Achilles tendon – I need to mention this to my PT for more stretches
2. Reasonable range of motion in my Plantar Fascia
3. My pronation is more prominent in my right foot
4. I roll at the hips, oh yes and
5. My left leg is ¾” longer than my right!

What!?! My legs are different lengths…well apparently this is more common than you think, in the same way one foot or hand is bigger than the other. This is a contributor to the prominent right foot pronantion as my foot is rolling more to compensate. It’s amazing that nobody has ever noticed this before but I guess they weren’t looking for it. It is probably a major contributor to some of my back issues and is definitely associated with the IT Band Syndrome. So you see they were right; sing with me: “…the foot bone's connected to the knee bone, the knee bone's connected to the hip bone…”

The remedy? Orthotics. No surprises there then. My feet were cast in Plaster of Paris and my Orthotics will be ready in two weeks, it takes 8 days to bed them in and then I will wear them permanently.

Back to Physical Therapy tomorrow and then the Chiropractor on Friday…time to share the news with everyone.


  1. SLB, 3/4 of an inch is a signifigant difference in lengths! This injury seems to have shed the light on the source of your nagging pains. Wow. I hope your orthodics do wonders! I'm glad that you are on the mend.

  2. SLB, after walking/running around with a knee injury for a few years, I developed more severe pronation on the other leg, which led to ankle and Achilles pain on that leg. I just started wearing the ultrasupportive Brooks Beast (and similar slightly lighter other shoes) a few weeks ago and it fixed it. No orthotics needed. Incidentally, I was prescribed orthotics when I was a teenager and just never wore them.

  3. I recently got orthothics, but never seem to have them at home when I run there, or a work, when I can get out for a run. Yet I've not rationalised buying a second set when the first were £160!


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