Wednesday, August 15, 2007

More pluses for Nike+

This week the Nike+ forums have been abuzz with news of free gifts appearing in the mail from Nike HQ in Beaverton OR. The first 500 Nike+ runners in the world to reach 1000 miles have been awarded a customized iPod arm band, with a special swoosh and 1000 logo, not available in stores!

I reached this milestone back in June but I wasn’t holding my breath given that I had heard from runners as far east as Kansas who had already received their’s earlier this week, respectively LA is just down the road from Oregon.

Imagine my delight when I checked my mailbox today and found a padded envelope from Nike, and yes inside was my very own customized armband along with a congratulatory letter.

Nike, thank you, for my gift and for having the imagination to conjure up Nike+


  1. How cool is that! :)

    I'm very jealous! haha


  2. congratulations, I have reached that milestone some month ago, do you know if that gift is for european runners too?

  3. filodisastore, the letter said 'Global' so I assume that it is on it's way to you, congratulations on getting to 1000 miles yourself

  4. Wow! A gift from Nike, that's really great. I'm afraid I'm still struggling to get to 700 on mine, so they'll be long gone when I get to 1000... but it will be a cause for celebration anyway. Congrats on 1000!


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