Monday, February 4, 2008

Back to Back; Part 2 of 2

Yesterday was Part 2 in the first of my ten weekend back to back long runs. Using Doug’s suggestion of a faux rest day I waited till the end of the day before heading out. Unfortunately the end of the day came and went and the evening was well upon us by the time I was able to lace ‘m up, such is the joy of household with two small sick children who are merrily passing morphed germs back and forth. I quick look at the thermometer reveled a toasty 45f; time to wrap up. My plan called for three hours of running, conservatively that would be anything from 18 to 21 miles depending on pace. The route was a staple of mine around the local neighborhood with some long shallow hills. The first hour passed uneventfully apart from a couple of enthusiastic dogs, fortunately high fences kept them at bay and a couple of cellphone drivers, despite a headtorch, four flashing red lights, an orange vest and various reflective bits and bobs on my jacket and shoes etc, they just don’t see me, it’s not like I am a little guy either at 6’1”!

The second hour saw or drop in temperature and while legs did not feel too tired they were starting to feel cold, even with tights on. Discretion being the better part of valor I decided to start to head for home and a couple of miles later I was there. My pace wasn't great and I want to aim for 9 minute or less miles on Sundays, I averaged 9:34 but I was pleased with heart rate data with my average being 139 and my time in Zone 3 (130-148, an average of 139 or 74% of my max of 186) of 1:45:24, great for base building. Here are the numbers:

The weekend was a good start to the back to back ones that will last for the next two months; I was on my feet for over five hours and covered a little under 30 miles, fifty minutes less than my plan called for but I have adopted the 10% under rather than 1% over mantra. For the week I covered a little more than 50 miles, it's been a while since I had a 50 mile week so a good start all round.


  1. I prefer running in the evening also, but the winter always makes it harder to get out with the shorter days.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. What? Are you crazy?

    Wait.. I guess you are :)

    Congrats on the mileage!

  3. i'm all about the safety too!! lots of reflective stuff. and YEAH YOU for running at night so that you can "do it all" for your fam.

    nice mileage.

  4. I am an evening runner too. The later the better.
    I like to head out towards more rural parts of where I live.

    It seems the drivers out there take care to avoid you. If I run around my neighborhoods here, people suck, and will run stop signs just so they don't have to stop for you.
    I recently stopped running outside due to an influx of crime where I live, which is something unheard of here. I need to get back outside and off the treadmill.


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