Thursday, February 7, 2008

New kicks...not, the tale of the illpositioned lug!

So after a long chat with the folks at Road Runner Sports about what shoes to get for trail running, my Asisc 2120 (Trail) are on their last legs, I decided on a pair of Merrell Overdrives, much to my annoyance, every size except mine was on sale! It’s a conspiracy I tell you! The good news is that I live, in relative terms, close to their shipping center so they arrived within 36 hours, oh good though I in time for the weekend. I cracked the box and immediately got to inhale that new shoe smell, you know it’s like new car smell but it’s gone after only ten miles. I pulled out the insoles and fitted my othotics inside and slipped them on, left foot; toe room - check, no heel - rub check, snug fit - check, right foot; toe room - check, no heel rub - check, snug fit - check, I stood up, what was this a stone in them? Right in the middle of my toes in my right shoe a stone, I slipped them off and check, nope no stone, put them back on and walked around a bit, their aggressive sole pattern squeaked on the floor and there it was again, I looked at the sole thinking maybe something was stuck in the grip but nope nothing, I walked around some more, same issue. I had another look at the sole, a lug! Right in the middle of the where my toes end there is a lug that is pushing back up through the shoe into my foot! I checked my wife’s pair and they have changed the sole pattern, hers is much more uniformed. Grr, back in the box and back to the drawing board! Next stop Montrial Hardrock, fingers crossed.

I had to shuffle my rest day around from Friday to Wednesday, two sick children resulted in about 2 hours sleep on Tuesday night so I was banjaxxed all of Wednesday. On a positive note my Intervals are getting quicker; I managed four sub 7 minute miles yesterday; averaging a pace of 6:55, as is my Tempo run my 2 mile tempo pace averaged 7:25 which is a 16 second improvement over last week. Watch out Doug, I'm closing in!


  1. OH my, that is speedy. CONGRATS.

    Sorry about the shoe let down. Don't give up, I've been through unbelievable shoe woes...

  2. okaaaaaaaaaay. you got less sleep than me this week. and you got your workout in. i'll stop complaining :p impressive stuff.

  3. Steady tiger, don't over do it!

    (ring a bell?)

  4. I love my Hardrocks and currently own four pairs!

  5. I will never run in anything but Montrail Hardrocks for trail. Period.
    The trails I run on are rocky, and I can tell you, your feet will be loving you for the protection they provide.

    FYI: Don't waste your money with North Face. I had a pair of Endurus Boa. I wore them casually, and they broke. -Junk.


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