Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Over listening!

So my last post ended having had a good week...not so this. Presidents Day I had some extra time so I thought I would take my bike for a spin on the roads and enjoy the daylight, nothing grand a quick 10 mile loop around the local roads, it was all over an done with in 40 minutes. I got back, stretched had a quick shower and carried on with the day, it wasn’t till later that evening that both of my quads and one knee started playing up. The quads were, well not painful, but enough of a niggle to warrant icing several times, and my knee seemed to be more to do with the connective tissue so that also got iced. I’ve taken Tuesday and Wednesday off and we’ll see what happens on Thursday.

I find, after my injuries from last year, that I am often “over listening” to my body for odd signs of something amiss and sometimes I hear something that's just not there. It is, of course, best when there is no noise, well silence is golden!

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  1. I do that too. I get a little twinge and I think "Oh sheeet - it's back to the PT." It's usually nothing. Paranoia - another word to add to my long list of charming traits.


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