Friday, February 8, 2008

Black tie and red carpet...probably not!

Some of you may have heard of Dean Karnazes, some of you might know his book Ultramarathon Man; Confessions of an All-night Runner and some may have heard of the 50 Marathon:50 States:50 Days that he completed in 2006, well what you might not know is that J.B Benna followed Dean and made a documentary about this feat…and I am going to it's premiere!

Well ok I had to buy the tickets but, there were only 25 for sale and I got two of them. According to the website: What’s included in the price of your ticket:

Get pumped…

  • You will be the first ever to see this feature length documentary about Dean Karnazes Endurance 50 event
  • Deluxe swag bags with North Face gear, Journeyfilm products, Accelerade, and organic Nature’s Path treats
  • There will be a Question and Answer session right after the film with Director J.B. Benna and UltraMarathon Man Dean Karnazes

Here’s your chance to meet the filmmakers and Dean and get the behind the scenes scoop.

So not only do I get to see the film, but there's Q&A, swag and a chance of an autograph! Anyone who subscribes to the ultralist or has heard Scott Jurek's interview will realize that Dean Karnazes is a controversial figure within the ultrarunning community, personally I'll reserve judgment on his character and admire his feats.


  1. oohh, have fun! i think i like the guy. i've definitely read his book. his body can withstand some pretty amazing stuff.

  2. OOHHHH myyyyyy, that sounds AWESOME. Only a true running nerd wants to see a "feature length documentary" -- that would be us. :D

    And the swag bag? I'm Ultra Jealous. hee hee

  3. Very cool! Looking forward to the full report.

  4. How sweeeetttt! Can't wait to hear the review on this one.

  5. Man, what I would give to be there.
    Have fun, and let us know.

  6. Hurdling is DEFINITELY not for me! haha. I can't imagine running all that in 50 days...INSANE!

  7. Wow - sounds cool. Have fun!

  8. That is incredibly cool! I'm so envious! You are going to have a blast!! Look for my sister, me and my husband if they show footage from the Bellevue, WA Seafair course! That's the course where that guy runs into the light pole, ha ha ha ha!!


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