Friday, February 22, 2008

An early nine and a late night...

I managed an early 9 miles Thursday morning care of the baby who decided that 4am was a good time for an early breakfast. By the time I had done the necessary I figured I might was well lace’m up and head out the door for a quick run, nothing too fast and nothing too far. The sky was grey and flat and the sunrise was unforgettably forgettable. I notched off the first 8 miles at a 8:39 pace and slowed down to cool down for the last mile with the customary walk up the hill to finish. Lots of stretching and both quads felt pretty good.

Thursday night, my wife and I headed off to see the premiere of Dean Karnazes' film; UltraMarathonMan. It was pouring with rain and LA traffic being what it is we arrived 45 minutes late! However all was not lost and it looked like we only missed the first 10-15 minutes or so as he was only (only ha!) on marathon #5. The movie was, I have to say great, and putting aside all the controversy over the man, the accomplishment in itself is pretty staggering. The scenery was beautiful from the rain soaked streets of Atlanta to the trails of North Dakota to the skyscrapers of Manhattan. The cinematography was inspired with the cameramen running alongside, behind and in front to capture the images and conversations as the runners ran and the soundtrack drew you into the mood. The message is strong, and without getting into it, but to note in these days of obesity, diabetes and heart disease getting out there and running a mile, ten, 26.2 or more can and will make a difference not only to yourself but as an inspiration to others. The film unfortunately does not have a distributor so who knows when it will be on the silver screen near you, but when comes, go!

This is the trailer.


  1. You're insane ;-) I don't think I've ever thought it was a good idea to run AFTER dealing with a cranky baby hehe.

    Ahhhhhh I always love when you ultra peeps say "nothing too far" ROFLMAO!

    Trailer looks good! I'll be on the lookout ;-)

  2. Interesting - good to hear it was good.

    The trailer looks really good!

  3. i'll check for it too! Looks great! thanks for the trailer. i saw a 60 minutes spot on last week i think too.


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