Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Early start, early finish...

…at least that’s the plan, well yesterday it actually panned out that way and I was able to get a quick run in on the way home.

As I drove along the freeway I had three choices; two trail and one road, well beach path actually. They were a hilly loop around Temescal Canyon a short sharp up and down at Eagle Rock in Topanga Canyon or a nice flat run along Santa Monica beach. Well call me a sucker for punishment but I went for the middle option.

Actually there were two options at Eagle Rock; the up and down or a longer loop, I choose the up and down as time was still pressing. I haven’t run here for nearly a year and I had memories of having to break into a walk on the final stretch which is pretty steep. I set off at a slow and steady pace, with a few photo stops on the way and within 20 minutes or so I had made the top, just less than 2 miles and 1100’ gained. I was pleased that I managed to get up in one go as it was also pretty hot; 85f according to my car. Another photo op (see above) took up a few more minutes and I was heading back down, pushing it a bit along the steepest section and giving my quads a good work out, you can check that out here.

Seventeen minutes later I was back at the car and it was all done. A nice run on the back end of the day using what felt like stolen time.

As always here is the Forerunner data and the photos.


  1. btw, congrats on being an ex-marlboro man/smoker too!!! I didn't know that!... the accomplishment is a big one... :D Great run -- brings trail running to a whole new meaning compared to this part of the world :)

  2. hi!

    so are these self-photos? with a timer?

    Either way, good stuff!

  3. The photos with the water in the distance are gorgeous!

  4. Ummm yeah, a short/sharp up and down fo sho. Dude, even though the vid is a little pixelated (is that even a word? LOL) you can hear it in your feet!

  5. Stolen time... love it!! Smart planning if you ask me.

    So how are those quads today? I was a total baby yesterday with my crying legs.

    Sorry to say but your guess on the tattoo was wrong. no prize for you... :)

  6. That looks pretty steep! Nice job getting up in one go!

  7. oh man, i would have gone for the beach option. i am having serious ocean withdrawal this summer ...

  8. Nice pictures. Much nicer trail than here in Ohio.

    I think it was a rabbit (1st photo)


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