Sunday, July 20, 2008

Extended Play!

If you standing at the beach or are close to it and intend to do a trail run anywhere in the Santa Monica Mountains you’re pretty much guaranteed that the first few miles of your run will be uphill, today’s run with the Trail Runners Club was no exception. The weather actually looked like it was going to co-operate, that is if you like low cloud, a high dew point and no sun…perfect running conditions! The group met at the Los Liones trailhead which is an entrance into Topanga Canyon State Park off Sunset Blvd and after a quick brief we were off and running.

The first miles were on pleasant single track not too different than sections of the PCT. We wound our way slowly up along the trail with high foliage either side occasionally getting a glimpse of the ocean below and the peaks ahead through the low cloud. After a mile and a half and about 900’ of climbing we broke out onto a viewpoint and stopped for the obligatory group photo, I was running with Billy and Sarah and we played cat and mouse throughout the run. This was the second and last photo I took as the batteries decided to conk out at this point. From here it was fire road all the way up and we journeyed further into the park gaining altitude as we went and getting slowly damper and damper from a combination of sweat and cloud. We topped out a made our way along a rolling section for the next few miles. The organized run was to turnaround at Trippet Ranch (the point where I started this run earlier in the week) with the option of a quick 2 mile out’n’back to a view point. I suggested to Billy and Sarah that we push on for an extended run and add another 2 miles or so and make it up to Eagle Rock, they were both game and so we set off. Twenty minutes later were at the top and were enjoying the panoramic view of all of 30’ so after a quick chat we about faced and headed back the way we came.

An uneventful run (with a few walk breaks) and an hour and twenty minutes we were back at the parking lot enjoying the goodies supplied this week by Mieko. Mieko’ is running Mt Disappointment in a few weeks; and I think I am convincing Billy to try his first ultra, it’s nice to be in company of other lunatics!

So another great run in the company of great people, I am really getting used this iPod free life!

As mentioned there are no photos but in the spirit of my last post here's the Google Earth View and the MotionBased data:

Los Liones to Eagle Rock


  1. Dang dude....the mountains look nasty. And GE makes them look so much cooler than MB.

  2. Now that's a fine group of runner if I've ever seen ;-) I'm glad you're diggin the group thang!

  3. Well, hell, there you've gone and done it again.

  4. SLB,

    I'm not sure if I'll be running Twin Peaks in Dec, I might have a scheduling conflict.

    C2M is a great event and worth every penny and the race organizers are top notch. If we get the chance to do some training runs in Malibu my friend Matt and I can fill you in.


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