Saturday, September 13, 2008

Adopt, adapt and overcome!

This week was all about adopt, adapt and overcome. It started well with a great 16 mile trail run with Jes and Carol. Monday was a recovery run and that went off without any hitch Tuesday was a cross training day but I was delayed at work and so I rescheduled that for Wednesday morning and then put in the planned 7 mile run almost exactly 12 hours later in the afternoon. Thursday was cross training again and that’s when I had the broken spoke, which is now fixed and ready for tomorrow’s 60 mile ride. Friday was supposed to be a 9 miler and again I was delayed at work (I start at 7am so I should finish at around 3pm, so staying till 6pm is a delay plus getting stuck in rush "two" traffic) so I switched my rest day, Saturday, around and got up early this morning, got the run done and was home by 7am.

The downside of switching it was instead of running by this:
Will Rodgers Beach, Pacific Palisades, CA

I ended up running by this:

My Dry Cleaners, a dodgy looking Italian restaurant and a few other shops I have never frequented!

Yeah it sucks I know, the only consolation was it was dark and everything was closed! I am sure Nitmos is reveling in this scenic route! So I managed to get the prescribed mileage covered; 38 miles run and 24 miles biked, albeit with some flexibility.

I am having a few issues with my Garmin; the footpod cadence has me going at a pace that would erode my hip joints to blunt nubs in 6 months and on the bike I am struggling to get the right resistance on my trainer, the 4 mile ride was actual 10 according to my Cateye, any suggestions anyone? PS Good luck Jes who is racing in the Nautica Tri tomorrow.


  1. I take the first location BUT we have to do what we have to do. Hopefully you will only have to do that run once.

  2. Good job getting it all done despite having to move things around and reschedule.

  3. Looks good to me! I mean come on, you get the nice sunny weather. I get . . .poopy cold weather LOL

  4. Being flexible and gettin'er done kind of trumps the running route!! But I feel your pain :-)

  5. Ha Ha. Well, you deserve a long run next to some strip malls in my opinion. It's not all wine and...beautiful scenery. No sympathy from me.

  6. Huh I have a friend named Jes who also race Nautica, well it's really Jessica. Anyway don't listen to Marcy, you probably already know, she likes to run around areas where they have Dunkin Donuts:) Yeah that bites at least it was at night. Some things look better in the dark.

  7. Well the title is certainly fitting. Way to just get it done. At least you can still go back to the postcard shot when you want to. Beautiful pic!

  8. Way to get it done! I totally am counting the days to run in Cali.


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