Friday, September 5, 2008

Week Duex and running doubles

Well having thought that this was going to be a week of treadmill and trainer it didn’t turn out quite that way. Monday was spent on the ‘mill, Tuesday and Thursday were both on the trainer, however the weeks long runs on Wednesday and today were in the great outdoors albeit at the price of an early start on Wednesday which resulted in a slightly shorter run than I wanted and an early finish from work today. Today was a scheduled 9 miler and I knew I would run out of time. I managed to squeeze in 7 miles, running atop the bluffs in Santa Monica and then jumped in the car to head home. Two hours later I finished off the missing miles, running a double of the day, on the treadmill while enjoying some downloaded video on my iPod.

For the week, number two in the plan, I am a mile shy of my running target of 22 and three miles over the cycling plan of 72 miles, nearly a hundred mile week. This weekend the bulk of the members of the TRC are away running trails in Yosemite, Saturday’s my rest day and so on Sunday I am running locally with some of the folks who are still in LA showing then some of the trails in my back yard.


  1. Now that's a sweet set up. A Runner's gotta do what a Runner's gotta do.

    I guess I'll get my chance to run the trails of Yosemite in May.

  2. That's great that you managed to still finish up the 9er at home!


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