Monday, September 22, 2008

Zero Variance!

This weekend proved to be a quiet one. I switched long run days from Sunday to Saturday as we had a family trip to LegoLand planned, which then got nixed and we went betta fish shopping instead. My long run was a scheduled 17 miler and so I set off round the hills and trails in Las Virgenes Open Space which is only a quarter mile from me. I started a little later than I had planned. I had forgotten to rebook the weather; Saturday was clear and sunny Sunday cloudy and cool, and paid the price for it in the sun in the last hour ending up with a lovely tan line right over my forehead from wearing a visor! I also tore through my two handhelds which is unusual for me and is a reminder that as the runs get longer I will need to do loops or hide stashes of supplies in advance.

The run itself was uneventful just a steady plod around the well worn trails, to mix it up I went clockwise (rather than counterclockwise) wahoo I am so adventurous at times, to give me a long slow climb rather than a short(ish) sharp one and conversely to get good practice on the downhills and a nice quad mash. I had aimed for 10 minute miles and came up short with just over 11 minutes, not fast by any stretch of imagination but an average 6mph is a 5 hour 50k and an eight and half hour 50miler some 90 minutes and three hours faster than my current PR’s respectively, of course neither allow for the exhaustion and deterioration factor.

And so Saturday’s long run signaled the start of the second four weeks of base building, you can see (if you reading this on the web rather than in a reader) that I have switched out the Worth the Weight Sponsors and replaced them with my Feet-to-the-Fireometer, after analyzing my last plan I was horrified at the variance between the plan and the reality so I am relying on public scrutiny to keep me on the straight and narrow. If you want to see the plan in all it's glorious technicolor Excelness click here.

Talking of Worth the Weight I have been woefully delinquent in sending out the prizes and will be doing so this week, however I only have addresses from Gotta Run, Marcy and Ms. V, if you sent it to me and I lost it I apologize just send it again and I send you your swag, you earned it after all. The next competition will be coming soon so stand by.

I left my camera in my desk drawer over the weekend and so there are no photos but here’s the Motionbased data.


  1. I can barely make myself stick to a plan let alone make someone else stick to one. Sorry dude, I'm not a good watchdog.

  2. It is hard to judge the weather in the fall, our Sunday weather was the same, but later the sun broke through!

    Good job on your 17...

  3. Why are all the cool things like Legoland in California? I am living in the wrong state!

    Seems I have been "mixing it up" too as I have been running my usual loops in backwards fashion.
    I now know why my wife married me. -I am so exciting.

  4. All I keep seeing when I see the below text:

    "LVOS thru Cheesboro"

    Is "Loves the Cheeseburger"


  5. Lego Land??? What in the world is that?

    For a second week of base building I for one am impressed.

    Do I need to lecture you on fluids? You are much better at the planning so I am not sure how you missed ordering up the perfect weather. :)

  6. My goodness that is some kind of excel training plan!! Are you sure that you and Scott have not met before. He LOVES him some color codes charts.

    Looks like you are doing great so far!!

  7. i liked leggo land (i was 20)! you will have to go!!

  8. Having a good trail, well worn or not, a quarter of a mile from the house is stupendous!!! :-)


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