Saturday, September 6, 2008

Hold the front page...

I just heard that a new Sponsor for Worth the Weight has come on board! They agreed a while ago but have only just sent me the stuff; they've been pretty busy with an event last weekend (hint), it’s yet to arrive but unless there is a royal disaster with the USPS it should be soon, it’s only coming from Oregon (hint hint). They were the catalyst for my reincarnated running and the genesis of this blog and my so I have to send them big thankyou for that also (hint, hint, hint...ok if you haven't worked it out by now...well there's no hope!)

However with one week to go it feels a little unfair to dump a load more prizes in the mix, afterall that’s part of the motivation, so I am thinking that I will have a “Worth the Weight Too Challenge” or "Sum of Worth the Weight" or “Thanksgiving it’s Gone Challenge!”; (yeah I need to work on the marketing), reopen enrollment; there were some disappointed folks who missed the start date and run another competition.

As soon as it arrives I post up the swag, start date, rules etc…just when you thought it was safe to go back to the fridge!


  1. And here I've been holding off on the cookies by reminding myself I only have two more days LOL.

    Thanks for running these challenges. It helps keep me motivated!

  2. shoot - time to put on a ton of weight and lose it when it starts!

  3. I thought it was the 7th?

    ~~~hiding potato chips behind back~~~

  4. Don't know if my comment went through, so I'm reposting - feel free to delete...

    I am SO excited for this announcement! Today I was passing a froyo place and wanting it really badly, but I knew that it's the last day of the challenge so I was determined to eat perfectly today. And then I was thinking "oh no, what I am going to do when the challenge is over? It's such great motivation!" So... THANK YOU! And sign me up for part 2 :)

  5. Thank goodness because I have blown this one, I need a second chance.

  6. Yeah - I'll need another chance too. Thanks for promoting round 2!

  7. I will be in again!! It's amazing how motivating it is to have someone waiting to hear your weight at the end of the week. LOL


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