Saturday, September 27, 2008

Full on week!

Sorry for my absence as both a reader and writer. Work is pretty full on and the project (in case you’re wondering I am an IT/IS Project Manager) I was recently given at work to get back on track was in a pretty poor state, well actually a very poor state. Anyone who ever worked with software development/implementation will know that the importance of maintaining the scope, we’re about to change phase into implementation and yet there is plenty of desire for feature creep and a ton of backfill admin work to complete which puts us behind schedule, but I digress.

On the running front it has been a week of just getting it done; I rounded out the week last night with a 9 miler giving me a total of just over 40 miles for the week and 27 on the bike. I am working on improving my cadence while running in an attempt to just be a faster runner and assisted with my Garmin Footpod and setting the cadence alert my 305 it’s having some positive effects. The best run was surprisingly my recovery run on Monday, six miles at an average pace of 8:03 (about 5 mins slower in total than my 10k race pace) the worst not surprising was last night, I was pretty worn out come the week’s end and it crossed my mind to nix it but then the Feet-to-the-Fireomerter shame was too much so I headed out late and averaged 8:41. Here’s the GTC data for both.

Monday night 6 miles

Friday night 9 miles

Today’s a rest day; tomorrow is our eldest’s fourth birthday, I am scheduled for a 70 miler on the bike and have to get back in time for the set up and festivities; so it’s an early start, although my wife has things planned out with military precision.

Talking of my wife she’s signed up for her first Tri and is as I write she is attending a women’s Tri clinic learning the finer points of wetsuit escape and how to avoid transition trauma! Rather her than me is all I can say!

Finally everybody except Laura and Swimfan have had their Worth the Weight swag dispatched; email me you address’ and I get the remaining packages out next week otherwise they will be added into the next competition which will start soon. Watch this space.



    Here's my link for my Worth the Weight prize! Thank you so much for taking the time to do this.

    Wetsuit escape had me cracking up!

    Thanks again! Go Dodgers!

  2. That's a lot of mileage for just "getting it done"!

  3. Hope the 70mile bike went well. I am not looking forward to that distance next tri training season.

    Enjoy your sunday and the kiddos birthday!

  4. hi! i hope today's festivities you were fun. you and your wife are like this power sporty couple!!! i hope she likes triathlon!

  5. I got mine! Whooo Hooo! Good stuff homie! (And yes I put up some pictures :P)

    Dude, you are freekin insane! ;-) A 70 mile bike ride and then partying out with the tots?!? Wow dude. Wow!

  6. Great job on the training.

    A wife can come in handy when it comes to military precision.
    Just be sure she doesn't launch her arsenal on you!

  7.'ve lured her over to the dark side it sounds...


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