Monday, February 2, 2009

Mutiple Hits!

I've been hit on Facebook some ten times in the last week with tag, so in attempt to get the biggest bang for my buck they're doing double duty and being posted to blogger as well (there are a couple of edits here)! Enjoy.

Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.

1. My wife and two boys are the most precious things in my world
2. I constantly debate what my life would be like if my wife and I had had children younger; it’s an inner dialogue
3. I have concluded that the first twenty five years of my life were me just practicing at it and mostly getting it wrong
4. I have two tattoos, but you’ll only ever see one
5. I have had three motorcycle crashes, I passed my car driving test first time after 3 lessons
6. Both of my knees have dislocated; multiple times, as have my wrists, a shoulder and jaw
7. I have only broken one bone; a toe – in anger!
8. I am a qualified horseback riding instructor, I moved to Holland to work when I was 17, I stayed two years and bought, sold and show-jumped horses in northern Europe
9. I spent seven years in the Territorial Army (National Guard) I reached the rank of Sergeant
10. My first trip to the US was with the Army, we went to, of all places, Alabama where I was awarded and Honorary Colonelship for the State
11. I do not have a Bachelors degree but I do have a Masters’
12. I have lived in California for 6 years and never been in the ocean deeper than my knees
13. I have traveled to six continents: Europe, North and South America, Africa, Asia and Australia (if you include New Zealand)
14. I leaned to snowboard in June! OK it was in New Zealand, I have never skied and probably never will
15. I collect those fake credit cards that the banks send you, I have over 5000 of them
16. If I could do it all again I would be an architect, civil engineer or would have joined the Army proper
17. I have suffered from altitude sickness twice; both times it sucked!
18. I have been analyzed as being predisposed as a muscle type II (fast twitch) runner yet I choose to participate in type I (slow twitch) distances
19. I would like to run the Western States Endurance Race and The Last Great Race (look them up on
20. I am the eldest of three boys; there are exactly two years, two months 8 days between the youngest and the middle and then the same between the middle and me...spooky?
21. I am the most cynical person I know when it comes to human nature although I am totally open to being proved otherwise, but I doubt I’ll ever be convinced
22. I love traveling but hate being a tourist, I often find the journey is better than the destination
23. I am highly functioning introvert, but once you get to know me that all changes; it’s not as bad as being a dysfunctional extrovert but close!
24. I am not religious or spiritual in anyway shape or form, I am a dyslexic, agnostic, insomniac and I do spend sleepless nights in bed thinking about the meaning of Dog!
25. One of the above 24 facts is a complete lie…can you tell which!

I am not tagging anyone here but if you want to play...well you know the rules!


  1. I hope it's the fake credit card one...5000's just a little too weird!

    Great list Stuart - you have indeed led an interesting life. And those 'fast twitch' muscle fibers certainly explain your speed.

  2. ha ha, I love your list! You've put some insightful things on there! :) Learning more about everyone is so fun.

  3. No, I can't tell, but I'm surprised you're a cynic. I hope you're telling the truth about #3 because that one made me think, "oh, good, maybe I'm kinda normal."

  4. Great list, Stuart! You are an interesting guy. It has to be 2 - we'll probably never meet in person, so I'll never see either tattoo! (cop out, I know). I've been tagged too and now you've inspired me.

  5. love these lists! i have been tagged on this a few times on FB also... i need to get on it!

  6. #15 is interesting.....seriously over 5000?

  7. I was also thinking it was the fake credit cards.

    VERY interesting list. Thanks for sharing! I had to do mine on fb as well. Got tagged too many times not to.

  8. I am also going with the credit card one. You seem way too practical to collect 5000 fake credit cards!

  9. I got your tag and I will start on it soon.
    It's always interesting to learn about people.

  10. I figured that this 25 random things is a great way to get to know about others! I'm guessing the lie is about collecting fake credit cards!

  11. It's probably the fake credit card one but if not it's sorta awesome and scary at the same time if you do that for real :)

  12. Fake credit card collection it is indeed!


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