Sunday, February 22, 2009

My black mark!

So Tuesday I fell off the wagon, I had planned to double and ride in the morning and run in the evening but it was not to be, Monday being a holiday meant that I had extra work to do and so I simply ran out of day, I did well to squeeze in the run in the end and I had to convince myself to let the missed workout go; sometimes you just need to. This was my sole black mark in the training plan over five weeks, (until I got to Saturday...details to follow) all in all not bad. I had an easy run and recorded some of Episode 4 of the Quadrathon Podcast, it wasn't the best of runs and was really a metaphor for the rest of the week; rushed, disjointed and out of rhythm…oh well moving on.

The week continued it's theme of being switched up and Wednesday's run was completed after a late start and a late finish…sometime around 10:00pm. Thursday got blown out of the water and so in an attempt to not completely fall off the wagon Friday was a double day. 4:00am the alarm went off and I was on the bike for a little over and hour, that evening finally everything fell into place and I had an awesome run; 9 miles, 1:07:49, average pace 7:31, which more than made up for the really crappy day and week that Friday had ended.

Here are the splits:

Mile 3 was a bit off pace because of the hill, but it was good other then that. And so began the weekend!

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  1. you've been doing so well with your training -- and that's a speedy 9 miles! I'll go check out the new podcasts. Have a great week!


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