Sunday, March 22, 2009

22 miles photog edition!

Twenty three miles was on the plan for this weekend, seeing as I have verbosely posted nearly every day for the last week I'll spare you the write up and you can have the pictorial version. I ended up a bit short on mileage and I was feeling it by the end which was the feedback from the 8 mile tempo run from the night before.

I ventured off onto a new trail on an out and back and then came back to finish off with running loops, I wanted distance not elevation, it was, all in all a good run. The trailhead is about a half mile from our house and I figured, with our move pending, it may be a last opportunity to run to around this area in a while, enjoy:
Mile 1: The start...

Mile 2: It looked a lot better with the crow on the tree

Mile 3: Damp views over the valley

Mile 4: A carpet of spring flowers

Mile 5: Recent rain and sunshine means everything grows quickly

Mile 6: California Whipsnake; a bit worse for wear

Mile 7: Ever onwards...

Mile 8: There are sulfur springs in the area that kill off the trees over time

Mile 9: This is actually a dried river bed!

Mile 10: climbing up from the valley floor

Mile 11: Disappearing into the mist!

Mile 12: Halfway...slight condensation on my glasses!

Mile 13: More damp views!

Mile 14: A sign!

Mile 15: Homeward bound

Mile 16: More spring color

Mile 18: Money can buy you a big house...but it can't buy you any taste!

Mile 19: Greenway trails

Mile 20: Last big view of the run

Mile 21: It's all about mind...

Mile 22:...over matter!

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  1. Great pics Stuart! Love the scenery.. not sure about that snake though :)

  2. outstanding photo journal. love the pics and the statement at the end.

  3. Very nice Stuart - gotta get out there with you one of these days.

  4. great picture - beautiful. Dumb question - what do you have around your feet?

  5. That was waaaay cool! Love the pics and it looks like a great place to run. You rock dude!! :D

  6. Wow, you live in such an awesome place, thanks for the tour. I always love your pic's...thanks!

  7. ha ha ha! Good stuff... poor snakey snakey....

  8. Beautiful pictures. Who needs a big house when that landscape is completely free?

  9. love the pics! nice job on the run :)

  10. With the exception of the snake, it looks like a glorious place to run!!

  11. looove the pics! such a beautiful run (minus the snake)! awesome job on the 22 miles!

  12. LOVE the pictures! I hope you were wearing your capris on this run :) You are a running fiend and inspiration to me! Thanks!

  13. clayberg~ Stacey ;)Mar 23, 2009, 12:10:00 PM

    MIle 4 picture is so beautiful;)
    What a gorgeous place to run!

    Nice job Stuart!

  14. Beautiful pictures. I'm envious!

  15. Sweet, another mile by mile one. I always like these posts!

  16. if I did not know better I would say that those pixs are from some made up place. Just too beautiful!! You are in a trail runners dreams out there.

    Hate the snake but love the Trail Sign photo.

    Nice change on your blog.

  17. Awesome pics. Great idea to show the run mile by mile. And getting 22 done is pretty awesome.

  18. I love those pictures, and look at that elevation!! Wow. You super impress me!

  19. It makes me want to hit the trails!

    My husband and I were just talking about how we want to do more trail running!

    Love your "new look." That trail sign is the best.

  20. Love the pictorial. You have a gorgeous place to run!

  21. Wow how beautiful! Where is Hidden Hills? I was in pasadena for 5 years, we hiked all over. Don't recall that area though. Love it!

  22. Really, I can only repeat all of the comments . . . what a cool post! I, for one, appreciate the snake pic too!

  23. Love all this pics and your new header!

  24. That was really cool! You take the best pictures!


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