Thursday, March 12, 2009

Neglecting Walter

Well after the high of last weekend’s race the week sets in. As you would expect, sore legs were the order of the day on Monday, but I did manage to put in another 8 miles, Tuesday I skipped the bike and then last night I ran 9 miles at around marathon pace +20, (8:20; I am trying to quicken that pace for some things on next year’s to do list) my legs were at about 80% and this morning they’re closer to 90%. The plan was get up early and jump on the bike for an hour, but one thing or another has just led to a succession of late nights and I don’t think I have cracked the 6 hour mark for sleep in a night for over a week and so after some physical abuse on my alarm clock I got up late; it’s unlikely I’ll get on my bike today. Tomorrow I need to crank out another 10 miles; that will total 58 miles for the week and is the max miles per week for this training cycle.

The good news is that I’ll be able to catch up on my lost bike miles this weekend, with only a few weeks left of their 5 month stay (yes that’s months not weeks) my in-laws depart for the slowly thawing/drying out UK and so my wife and I are leaving the kids to look after their grandparents and heading out of town starting Friday afternoon, bikes, hikes, sights and hot tubs are the order of the weekend!

Next week I start speed work, four weeks of intervals and tempo runs…hard work but rewarding, and then I taper for LD.

On the computer front, it was terminal, a fried motherboard, I’ll be left trying to recover what I can and then dispatching the box off to recycling, and so for the interim I’ll be a Mac user; so far this is, well, some good - some bad!

Oh yes and finally next week I’ll be putting my best foot forward and, I’ll have reviews on Asics Kayano 15s, Asics Gel Banditos, Go Lite Versa Force trail shoes, Pearl Izumi SyncroInfinitys and maybe New Balance 768s.


  1. that's a lot of shoes :-) Don't leave poor Walter to fade away for too long! Have a great trip and enjoy the down time with the wife!!

  2. I can't believe you ran 8 miles the day after your ultra! i am beginning to think you're crazy! haha

    have a lovely weekend with the wife :)

  3. Five months with the in-laws! Hope this weekend makes it all worth it. (Just kidding, just kidding, in-laws are wonderful!)

  4. You are the KING of product reviews.

    Now who did you say was looking after who this weekend? lol!!

    Glad the bikes will be taken on your trip. ENJOY!

  5. poor walter. But you are a crazy man stuart. CRAZY I still can barley run and you are chuggin along like it's not big deal. Sheesh! :) Great job and keep it up!

  6. have a great weekend! i'm also in awe that you're up and running so quickly after your ultra. wow.

  7. Yeah, I can't believe you ran 8 after an ultra either! Wow.


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