Thursday, March 5, 2009

Normal service will be resumed shortly…

Technical difficulties; read my pc at home dieing, has prevented me from getting online with any real purpose up subsequently delayed multiple posts include the second part of the MyTach GPS watch review, a review of my 3 course dinner made with a Vita-Mix blender both sent to me By the manufacturers (thank-you) and a shoe report on the Go Lite trail shoes I picked up in January.

Additionally all my review photos were on the pc, I don’t move them to external hard drives until I've used them, anyway hopefully all my data will be recoverable, I actually think it’s the power unit that’s died. I am left cobbling stuff together at work or fumbling around on my wife’s Mac.

This Sunday is the PCTR Malibu Creek 50k, it’s a tune up race for me and really only a supported long run, it’s been raining this week and while I don’t want it hot I don’t want it soggy and boggy, I am not 100% sure of the course, it’s two laps, but if it is where I think it is there are sections where you run alongside a creek which has been known to flood and there are at least two stream crossings; add to that there are sections of running on rock which if wet will be as slippery as snot! Fun times!

I am looking to finish sub 6:30, I ran the approx reverse route last year for one lap and it took me just under three hours and this time the way round I think will be tougher? It's a longer climb and a more technical decent which will be made all the more fun if it's wet and/or muddy!

Anyway it’s a Blogger/Twitter/RunCastTV meet up, Billy (LARunner), and Sara (Docs to Crocs..) who I know via blog and in person through the TRC will be crushing their first ultra, Danica (chicrunner) who I know via blog and Twitter is running the 25k and Autism Runner from RunCastTV is running the 50k, a veritable Social Media event!

Expect lots of photos, videos and race reports!


  1. soon you'll be able to say that you know me in person. So excited to meet you!

  2. hey!! best luck!!!

    (and sorry 'bout the computer :( at least there is no dissertation on it....

  3. Have a great tune up :-) Technology is both a blessing and a curse!

  4. Cheers to reaching your goal. Watch your step!!! looking forward to reading another great race recap and results.

  5. I hope your computer comes back from the dead soon. Have a good race this weekend!

  6. Good luck!!! You guys are some of my favorite bloggers!!

  7. Good luck with the run and reviving the computer!


  8. good luck & have fun with your run & blogging buddies!

    ... hope your computer recovers -

  9. Found you! Where's the podcast?
    You're a stud. You ever notice how mellow ultra-trail-runners are? Do you think that's a cause or an effect?

  10. Dang! I hope the race went well!! ;D

  11. Damn those PCs! Mine at home is also in the final death throws!


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