Thursday, March 19, 2009

Instant Gratification!

That’s how I view my speedwork sessions, I put in an hours worth of effort and I see the results as soon as I press stop on my Forerunner (sorry it has no name!).

Scrolling through the laps, looking at the splits and noting those quarter, half, three quarter and mile splits really gives me a sense of reward, especially after the set of intervals I had on Wednesday where I touched on running a sub 6 minute mile, I should qualify that by saying that my time for the 800m was 2:41 so if you extrapolate that to a mile that should give me a 5:57 mile, my unofficial mile PR is 6:15 so sub 6:00 would be great and not bad for a “Masters” runner! I use the McMillan running calculator, which gives you enough info to make your headspin! Interesting that 800m split gives me a 2 minute improvement over my half marathon time and a Boston Qualifier to the very last second!

So here is the speedwork sessions I have planned out over the next four weeks, I’d like to throw in a 10k race somewhere towards the end; that depends on finding one and it’s not crucial. Sorry I can’t code tables in html so you get a screenshot from Excel! Click on any image to make larger.

In other news we're moving house, not far, just 20 minutes up the road, what it does mean is that I will be further away from my usual trail running start point in Cheeseboro Canyon; boo! But the upside is that I will much closer to a relatively unexplored, bigger and much more challenging park at Pt Mugu/Sycamore Canyon; yay!

Who says living in the 'burbs is dull!


  1. thats a good way to look at it - instant gratification. i was hating life after my intervals last night :) great job on yours!

    good luck with the move!!!

  2. good luck with the move, and great job on the speedy running! your hard work is definitely paying off!

  3. 10K tomorrow:

    10K next weekend in Agoura:

    April 5 10K in Westlake:

    Great post. Maybe I should get one of those things.

  4. Let me know when you move, I can show you some of those trails plus others.


  5. While I completely agree with track being awesome. I would point out that there are other...umm...methods - if you need to achieve instant gratificaiton.


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