Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Love Run 10k

AKA how to pull a PR and 2nd AG placing outa ya ass!

My training has been a bit hit and miss but this week I finally felt like I was back in the groove, so much so I signed up for a 10k on Thursday, I have 5 weeks to Vineman so I need to find my fast(ish) place and this seemed like a good Sunday morning speed workout.

Love run 10k 6_4_12

It’s only a short race and so it’s only a short report:

I wasn't expecting too much from this run/race and signed up at the last minute. Just goes to show all that training pays off in the end! Went out steady and tried to reach a a solid pace that I could hold throughout. The course is an out and back and is downhill out and uphill back so it was never going to be a negative split.

I was passed and then latched onto a girl who turned out to be the 3rd place women in the 30-35s.  I stayed within 10 yards of her till M4 and she had a bad water station stop slowing down and I blew passed and didn't look back, ran down two other guys in the last 1/4 mile and was passed the closing stages of a race and I will always throw down a sprint finish!

Amazed to see my finish time was 57 seconds faster than my previous PR from 3 years ago! First place in my AG was 38:XX!!! That being said I am very pleased! Saw a few locals including Rebecca K. fresh off of tearing up IMSG a month ago!Shirt and bling

06:54.5 166 90
06:56.7 166 89
06:58.7 171 89
07:04.8 172 89
07:02.5 174 88
07:04.1 177 88
01:04.5 179 92


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