Saturday, June 23, 2012

Twingery update

Just a quick post to update on my back. Well my back is fine…the diagnosis was slipping out of alignment, the treatment, once back in place which it is now, is really strengthening my core, improving my posture and being a bit more thoughtful about how I move, that is not flicking my body around like I am 25 years and not ignoring the 20 years more that I have on the clock!. As mentioned my plan was to be pretty aggressive about treating it and this week I will have 2 trips to the Physio and 2 to the Chiro. Next week I am on Vacation so treatment will be self inflicted administered. Also what has become apparent is that my flexibility is just ridiculously bad, my hamstrings are so tight you can bounce a quarter off of them, the treatment, stretching…but the trick to this is to actually do it! In addition to my short Trigger Point roller I have picked up a couple more instruments of torture, the roller is actually for my back and the ball is for my hips!

image image

However as one things go right another goes wrong and my hip flexors which are just as tight as my hamstrings are tight and all the prodding and poking has generally pissed them off, so now I am babying them, that means reducing my cycling and running (not that there was much running happening)! I am icing them when possible although there is only so much sitting around with and ice pack in your lap that I can take!

It’s three weeks to Vineman so there is no real fitness that can be added at this stage so it’s a case of not losing any that I have and getting things back to 100%

One correction from before was that I needed a prescription for the PT not the Chiro


  1. Torture yes. But afterwards, ahhhhh. I have a trigger point too. I usually use that one in severe situations. Usually I use my standard foam roller on hardwood floors (& I try to do it daily, whether or not I have issues). Good luck with your back & have fun on vacation. : )

  2. Glad it's nothing major. I keep telling myself I need to work on my posture so I don't end up like a shrunken, hunchback old woman, need to really work on it!


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