Saturday, June 16, 2012


It was nothing special, simply standing up did it and I felt it pop. My lower back just slipped out of alignment…ugh. The last time this happened was a few weeks before the Santa Clarita Marathon last November so I knew what was needed, some TLC from my friendly Chiropractor unfortunately she had retired! So after a couple of conversations with a friend in the know in terms of local resources I had in hand the numbers of a local Chiro and a Physiotherapist. With only four weeks to go till Vineman I don’t really have the luxury of time and I know it would be a fine balancing act between the final weeks of training, some therapy recovery and a decent race.
I have a pretty good health plan through my job so I decided to go to both and be pretty aggressive in treating it…if nothing else it would give me a insight into what the two disciplines thought. To get to the Chiro I needed a prescription so a quick trip to the Urgent Care clinic took care of that. So here are the conclusions:

Physio; poor flexibility (shocker!) in hamstrings, quadriceps and back forward and back, hips vertical balance is pretty good but they are weak, I have a series of follow ups next week to get into the therapy

Chiro; poor flexibility (again a shocker!) in hamstrings, quadriceps and back also rotationally. Leg muscle development is unbalanced, all quads (from running and cycling) interesting question was I pusher or a puller on the pedals and did I like climbing…hence the over developed quads and under developed hamstrings. My spine is out or alignment in the T6/7 and also around the L4/5 area, again a follow up next week in terms of the therapy

The good news is that with all the prodding and pushing I got yesterday afternoon it feels a lot better but it’s not right yet so the rest of this weekend will be easy and each day will be filled with the stretches given to me and most likely an easy week next week… more news to follow Monday and Tuesday.


  1. Noo! You need to tell your back that YOU are the boss! I know you'll heal in time, but let's hope you stay sane in the meantime!

  2. You have to get a "prescription" for the chiro? Weird. Though I am assuming that's insurance-driven. (but still weird on their part). I need to get in for an adjustment myself -- been too long and I can feel it! My bad posture doesn't help...

  3. many of us suffer from the same...poor flexibility, muscle imbalances and it's so hard to correct...I got the same DX...I also have L5/S1 herniated nicely so the rotation/flexibility is limited there as well...
    My husband experienced the same thing as you 2 weeks the shower...the back just slipped....he's getting chiro tx and light workouts are the order...
    WE all should've appreciated our youth while there!!
    Glad to here its getting better though....being a fine tuned machine DOES have some advantages!!


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