Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A little Halloween horror!

I have used my FuelBelt H20 on and off since I was sent it to review back in August 2010 . I have run a couple of marathons with it, I wore it for Vineman 70.3 back in June and it has countless training miles on it. Sometimes I fill it with water other times Cytomax, Gu Brew, Nuun or more recently High5. After use it gets hung up and the bottles are thrown in the dishwasher. I was, therefore surprised, actually disgusted to see the buildup of what I will call “goop” on the inside of the lids

As this is Halloween it the perfect time to share with you this little horror…

Old on the left new on the right

Yuck right! TGF Amazon, $7 and 2 days and I have a pack of 5 new lids, or Halloween eyeballs as someone called them!

Wanna give yourself a scare, have a look inside yours this Halloween!

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