Thursday, October 4, 2012

Pocket motivation!

Seeing as most, some, lots (that’s the median of most and some) of us have a smartphone these days, we’re no longer confined to watching re-runs of Judge Judy on the overhead TV or grainy images on the built in TV while on the treadmill. There’s a plethora of stuff available on You Tube to watch, here’s a couple of my favorited subscriptions:

Ironman Ali’I Drive, a miniseries from the Official IM Channel

They also post some pretty good coverage of the IM races; 2012 70.3 Worlds

CycleFilm, from the folks who brought you Eyes Ride Shut, previews of their training videos and a mini series that follow the NetApp Pro Team

Park Tools how to…got a question about your bike, these guys have the answer! Here's how to remove a cassette!

Fog & Smog…white men can’t jump but they can rap!You can thank TriBeccaTo for this!

But for those of you who miss Judy…

Now set it to 1% and go!

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the recommendations. I definitely find myself watching videos on my phone or tablet often on the dreadmill or bike trainer


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