Tuesday, October 9, 2012

IMAZ training Week 11

Recovery week…ahhhh! A foot off the pedal week and I was grateful for it. The real change to the plan was basically that the durations and doubles were scaled back but the intensity remained during the workouts. As you can see compared to last week the overall time is almost half (56% to be precise). I shortchanged myself on my running by 30 minutes and one run had to be converted to an elliptical workout but the variety made a nice change. I also cashed in a birthday massage certificate on Friday; like I said ahhhh! There is something to be said that recovery week is the same as Week 1 Training I think!



Nothing too noticeable during the week, I managed to exchange my Garmin 910xt (the second one) as the altimeter went crazy and put me at 65,000’, the same issue as before. I really like the 910 but this is a problem, I have decided to get a Garmin Swim, it has all the same swim metrics but is less than a third of the price than the 910 and according to DCRainmaker it’s a solid buy, I can use the 910 for running and biking and on race day of course.

Talking of race day, I did run a race, I did not race a race but I paced Becca from TriBeccaTO at a local 10k, I had never run this before so it was a fun day out and it was on a Saturday for a nice change which freed up the rest of the day to go to the zoo! Without too much shouting at she did great and hit her target of <50:00. I was very happy with my run, the route was a bit rolly and I set my watch at a pace of 7:50 (much to Becca’s protests) and my splits were pretty even given the terrain, also very reassuring was that other than the pick up at the end my HR was very under control in the 150-155 range.


It was also a chance to meet up with another online friend and increase my IRL (in real life) count. Lisa from RunWiki.org, who like Becca is going to Boston next year and who both run track workouts at the High School near my house!


I now only have 40 days until race day which is basically four more build weeks and then a two week taper, this mushes together a recovery week and a third taper week that the plan calls for (in case you missed it I am fitting a 20 week plan into 17 weeks), cos I have mad excel skills here is the spread of the workload over the last 11 weeks.


I hit my 4000th training mile last week, I only hit my 3000th in week 4, that’s 1000 miles in 7 weeks!

This morning I got my Ironman “Athlete Guide” and like someone said…this shit is getting real!

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