Monday, October 22, 2012

IMAZ training Week 13

Another week another blog post…that’s what this has become, it must make for scintillating reading! Truth is training is full on; daily double and even triples, and so most other things are taking a side seat, I am sure you understand, if not sorry and yes this sentence three commas and semi colon and not one period!

Nearly sixteen and half hours added to the barn, I still haven’t quite broken through the 1000 minutes in a week mark; that’s 16:40 in case you were wondering. Looks like I will this week, in fact if it comes together I will blow right by it with over 18 hours on tap including one triple and four doubles of which one is a 6:00 bike and a 30 minute run. This is the penultimate build week. They say the best way to fill a jar 100% is to put in the big stones, then the small stones, then sand and then water, there is no space left; total saturation. That’s kinda how I am starting to feel. Two more build weeks and then a taper…I can’t wait!


I think I can honestly say that I have never followed a plan more meticulously…of course now the doubts are starting to creep in. A sub 6:00 100 mile ride this last weekend helped, I want a sub 6 hour 112 mile ride in race day! But running off the bike was hard, too hard, harder than it should have been…next Sunday I’ll be smarter, easier on the bike for a better transition But have I done enough? Did I go hard enough, far enough, fast enough…coulda shoulda woulda…lots of too lates. The remedy now is to stick to the plan; be safe and do nothing silly, that’s the vehicle to the start line, try as best as I can to park my brain, start to visualize the course, the swim, the bike the run, the transitions, the finish…27 more days waiting for the gun to go bang!

Here’s the graph…it’s getting kinda silly!


Yeah I am a bit excited!

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