Monday, October 15, 2012

IMAZ training Week 12

A pretty vanilla week this week in terms of volume. The one real change was having to front load my week due to other commitments, fortunately I had Monday off and was able to pull my long ride from the end of the week to the start, in fact I ended up burying myself in the first four days completing the whole week with the exception of a swim by the end of Thursday. It went like this;

  • Mon 4:45 bike/30 min run – Brick
  • Tue 45 min run/75 min swim
  • Wed 75 min swim/2:30 run
  • Thur 2:00 bike/1:00 run – Brick


Here’s the fancy graph


So yep, buried! I was very happy to have two days off! And that’s it really. This week is another build and I am able to keep things mostly on the right day…


34 days to go…oh and this arrived in my inbox!

10-9-2012 9-24-59 AM

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  1. Thanks for this detail I am doing the Arizona Ironman in a little less than 8 months. I am at 380 on the scales. 120 pounds to go. This gives me ideas. I can do this. Thanks again. Kenny


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