Friday, August 1, 2014

July Summary

And another month passes by in the blink of an eye! So with a forgettable Vineman completed early in the month, which was preceded by a taper and followed with basically a week off, July’s totals are somewhat skewed to the second half of the month although it was actually almost a five week month!

So the final tally

  • 28 workouts, 358.24 miles in 22:12:04, not the smallest month, not the biggest
  • 5 swims, 2:0:48 6033 yards
  • 9 bikes 15:02:14 263.22 miles
  • 14 runs 16:08:02 91.59 miles

Run mileage is by far the biggest this year, and it’s only set to increase. The last two weeks have been about finding my run groove and that’s been well and truly found. With nearly 13 hours and 63 miles of running in from July 20 through the end of the month. Not big miles really but by comparison to the first half of the year they are and they are putting down a pretty good foundation. I am trying to get onto the trails and get my trail legs back as quickly as possible, that resulted in a very uncomfortable couple of days after the first long run but slowly they are coming back. And of course I do get to stop and smell the roses or at least take some photos!

skySunrise over the Conejo Valley

 IMG_9528 IMG_9542 IMG_9525
Orange sky, kicks and dirt…ok that last one is a stretch!

It’s 12 weeks to the Santa Clarita Marathon and while I am not running for time only for distance a reasonable showing would be nice to have!

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