Monday, August 25, 2014

SCM Week 3

This was a big week, last build week before Week 4 which is a step back, it was skewed as it actually was 6 runs when normally I would have 5. That being said I am not having any issues from the volume and hopefully it will remain that way. This is how is broke down.

  • Monday. 5 miles Recovery. Nice and easy around a local loop.
  • Tuesday. Off.
  • Wednesday. 7 miles easy. Should have been 6 but rounded the time up to an hour and hit 7 in total.
  • Thursday. 6 miles easy. Nice and chatty with Becca at 5am.
  • Friday. 5 mile pyramid. Happy with this, was working for sure but pleased to see a low 7 minute mile, see the data below.
  • Saturday. Off.
  • Sunday. Bulldog 25k Race.


Totals 6 runs, 6:55:19, 43:11 miles

  • Road; 28.26 (65%)
  • Trail; 14.85 (35%0

With a down week this week it looks like this month I should tap out just over 160 miles, so far so good. I’ll be springing for a new pair of shoe as my Knivara 5s will blow throw 250 miles and they’re feeling a bit flat. This week’s long run will be on the road so that should just about kill them.

IMG_9956 IMG_9958

In other news this month I hit 120 posts for the year so 2014 becomes the 4th blogiest year since this blog started in 2007!

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