Monday, October 13, 2014

SCM Week 10

It would seem that this month has simply become weekly summaries with the occasional product review interspersed with something funny I came across and if you were to say this I would say you are correct. Sometimes it’s just like that and you don’t really have anything much to say so you just shut up and run and that’s what’s been going on. Combined with a busy month or so at work and Becca’s Ironman training it’s all business really. So without further ado here’s the week that was!

  • Monday; 5 miles. Recovery run.
  • Tuesday off. Yup managed that but no PR!
  • Wednesday. Midweek long run. 10 miles. Got out early to get it in before leaving the house for the school run so I was on the road by 4:45am. It’s dark and cold at that time of the day, so there’s no hanging about. 10 miles in 1:18. I was happy.
  • Thursday; 5 miles. Nice and easy on the treadmill.
  • Friday; 8 miles. Mid tempo,so just under 8:00 pace.
  • Saturday; off.
  • Sunday; 12 miles. I had planned to run the XTerra Pt Mugu 18k but the entry fee was just under $100! That’s really steep especially when you consider the Santa Clarita Marathon was only $85! So I passed and headed to Westlake Village to run a well worn loop around the lake. Unlike where I live it’s pretty flat and would be a good race terrain practice run. My training plan doesn’t specify paces so I thought I would target 7:45-8:00. I went out much too fast and struggled to hang onto the last 3 miles. Such a rookie mistake but a good reminder that negative splits are crucial! I ended up with an average of 7:24 for the 12 miles but it should have been around 7:30 and more in control! Better to make stupid mistakes in training though!


So the week’s totals were;

5 runs, 5:22, 41.25 miles. All three main runs were sub 8:00, that’s a good thing. This is a bit of a step back in miles from last week but Sunday’s run will be followed up by a 10 miler on Monday which if I was following the plan day-to-day would have made this week 47 miles as it would have been in last week’s totals.

So I am ten weeks in; 57 runs and 460 miles. The Marathon is only 3 weeks away, this weekend I have a 22 miler, then a step back week and then race week. It feels about right given that’s it only a training race and stepping stone to LD50.

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