Monday, October 27, 2014

SCM Week 12 (Step Back)

Ahhh Rest week, dialed down volume and dialed down intensity, enjoy it while you can!

Monday; 5 miles. On the treadmill, no real issues ankle is sore as a result from Sunday’s long run. Started easy and stayed that way!

Tuesday; off.

Wednesday; 6 miles. Ankle still sore, just taking this easy. New Kinvara 5s for this run, Threw in some Fartleks to check out the Garmin Run Dynamics features.


Thursday; off, just ran out of day, happy to do this as ankle needs some rest.

Friday; blah just ran out day.

Saturday; off

Sunday; 16 miles. Run with Becca and added a couple of extra miles which was fine as I was short a run this week. Ran three loops nice and easy. Ankle feeling better and it was nice to just run loops chatting.

So for the week 5:44:28 and 41.24 miles. By comparison a big drop off in mileage but that’s basically the point of a rest week!

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