Friday, October 31, 2014

October Summary

Another month in the bank and as per last month it’s all run run run!

A step up from last month in terms of distance and time, the numbers as follows:

24 runs, 28:28:15 and 203.04 miles, This is basically 3 runs and 2 2 hours more than last month, not such a big increase but it’s a whopping 23 miles more!

I am handling the volume without any issues, although this month was pretty much all road. It was a conscious decisions to stick to the roads as this weekend’s race is a road race (train terrain) and 3 hours on the roads often ends up being 4 hours on the trails and I just didn’t have the time!

That being said this is how it shook out on the terrain.

imageOnce the Marathon and Becca’s Ironman is behind us we’ll be heading back to the trails for some of the longer runs for sure!

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