Wednesday, October 15, 2014

SportTracks introduces automatic Garmin sync

I like easy, and I am sure you do too!

Last week SportTracks announced automatic sync with Garmin Connect.  This completes the trifecta of main websites where athletes can log their workouts using Garmin Connect Auto Sync; Training Peaks and Strava are the other two.  This automatic sync means that as soon as your Garmin device workout syncs to Garmin Connect, it’ll show up a few seconds later on SportTracks.  Just upload the data file or have it auto-upload, and hit F5 on the other webpage's and voila it’s there.

image image image

SprortTracks, Garmin Connect and Strava; the same thing three different ways…beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

To enable it in SportTracks just go to My Account, then Sharing, (I had already done this so I borrowed these screenshots from DC Rainmaker, thanks Ray)

image_thumb10 Click on Connect and you are presented with two options


Click on the Garmin Connect logo


You are then asked moved over to Garmin to authorize, click on Allow


You are given the option of importing all your history, there is logic to not import duplicates, but remember it won’t import any of the customizations so everything comes over as Untitled without any notes. Also it’s only one way, you can’t send data to GC from SportTracks.


Next you are prompted for your Garmin Connect ID and Password.


And that’s it, when you look again it will show you the last time you synced, If you do decide to import your history it’s just munches through the data in the background until it’s done, then it’s up to you to go back and rename everything…fun times!

I started the year using four sites to track workouts; Strava, Training Peaks, Garmin Connect and SportTracks, TP was the first to go by the wayside by the end of May. TP wasn’t providing me anything that the others wasn’t, I know Becca and here Coach use it but for me it was redundant. Then my Strava Premium lapsed in June and I didn’t renew. Strava IMHO is better suited to cycling and given that I am in a run mode I don’t need the Premium features. So that left Garmin Connect which is the backbone of my device world, I have data going back as far as April 2007 on it, and SportTracks which I have been using throughout this year.

I am a little behind in devices now that the 920XT is out of the bag and I do not have the run dynamics data that the FR620 and Fenix is generating on my 910XT but I have seen that that data is also being imported into SprortTracks without issues, more on that when my 920 arrives!

If you are new to SportTracks, check it out you can have  45day free trial and it’s only $59 a year.

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