Monday, October 20, 2014

SCM Week 11

Another week of training and now only two weeks to the Santa Clarita Marathon.

As a result of shifting my plan to align with what I can realistically do following lasts Sunday’s 12 mile long run, Monday was upping the ante on the back-to-back runs and was a 10 miler. But I am getting ahead of myself, so here we go;

Monday; 10 miles. On the treadmill, no real issues. Started easy and worked up and pushed down the pace.

Tuesday; off. Like a rock star!

Wednesday; 8 miles. I cut a longer local loop short and get this done early in the morning

Thursday; 5 miles. Nice and easy and I got to play with my new Garmin Fenix 2

Friday; 8 miles. Basically a rinse and repeat of Wednesday.

Saturday; off

Sunday; 22 miles. Reversed my usual loop and then added a couple of loop-da-loops to add mileage. Second run longer than 20 miles and really felt it on the final miles which were basically uphill followed by some more uphill. I hit the 22 mile mark and I was done. Final miles on my second pair of Kinvara 5s too, this pair lasted 241 miles. 2 miles longer than the first pair.


So for the week 7:44:28 and 55:01 miles. I am definitely noticing that the 20 mile mark is a threshold both physically and mentally. To that end the more of them I can do the better along with discipline around my hydration and nutrition.

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