Sunday, November 23, 2014

S0B50K Week 3

This was always going to be a big week. The way my schedule fits into the calendar means that there are some weeks where there are six runs and this was one them.

Monday. 10 miles. Becca and I were still in Tempe so I ran around part of the run course again.


Tuesday. off!

Wednesday. 10 miles. Solid run around the local area before breakfast.

Thursday. 4 miles. Treadmill. Ran The Sufferfest The Machine, a nice quick speed/hill session!

Friday. 8 miles. Treadmill. Felt good so I went with it!

Saturday. 24 miles. Trail. The plan was a figure of 8 around a local state park. The heat crept up on me and I struggles through the middle miles and managed 23 miles on the trail!


Sunday. 5 miles recovery.

So 6.09 and 61.51 miles for the week.

Next week will step back some as I pulled miles in from then to now. Saturday’s long run was a good reminder that I need to get on the trails and run more hills and when on the treadmill I need to to ramp up the incline more than 1%!


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